Additional Tasks for a Lovely Lawn

There is no point mowing a lawn correctly if you fail to maintain it properly and carry out all lawn care tasks, especially in tropical climates like on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, where the weather can be varied and unpredictable.

If you have a lawn which is on badly drained ground, puddles can appear after heavy rain and eventually result in moss forming on your garden. In order to help prevent this you can carry out the simple task of aerating the lawn. I say simple because all you need is a garden fork. To do this you just need to walk up and down your lawn, or just concentrate on the affected areas, and every 10 inches or so drive the fork into the ground approximately 6 inches down. This relieves compaction in the soil, drainage is improved and new growth is stimulated. It is up to you how often you do this, but I would recommend a minimum of once per year. Myself, I also do it if any new puddles form, as I may have missed a spot previously or perhaps not spiked the ground deep enough. It may take half an hour or so to do, but if you love your garden then it is well worth it.

Top dressing, or re-thatching, of the lawn is an essential task if you want a top class lawn. There are a number of good reasons for doing this, but essentially the strength and vigour of the grass is improved. Top dressing is basically the application of a mixture usually made up of peat, loam and sand, and should be applied every Autumn. I would advise that you seek advice from your local garden centre about tools and the mixture required for this job.

As well as our fine feathered friends, our lawn mowers can be an enemy to our lawn as weeds can be spread by mowing our lawns simply by cutting a not so good area then immediately mowing a nice area of grass without first cleaning off your mower. Once these problems become established they are difficult to control, so a preventative programme of using lawn sand for moss control and a selective weed killer in late Spring, as well as a disease preventative in the Autumn are essential. Again seek advice from an expert before going ahead with chemical treatments.

Applying a suitable lawn feeder during Autumn is a great way to increase disease resistance and build up the root system. Please choose your product with care as products you may use in the Spring or Summer are unsuitable at other times of the year and can stimulate soft growth and increase the risk of disease. Ensure you select a product which clearly states it is for Autumn use.

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